Heat (1995): Body Count Breakdown

Heat (1995): Body Count by ArnoldVoslooT800


Neil McCauley(Robert De Niro): 9
Chris Shiherlis (Val Kilmer): 5
Michael Cheritto (Tom Sizemore): 4
Waingro (Kevin Gage): 3
Lt. Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino): 2


1st Robbery/Opening: 3
Waingro headshots an officer
McCauley shoots a guard
Michael executes a cop

Drive-In/”The Package”: 2
Chris snipes a gunman who’s then shot/run over by McCauley in his car (shared kill)
Michael shotguns the driver

“Hey Baby”: 1
Waingro breaks the hooker’s neck. Her body is later seen

Street Shootout/2nd Robbery: 9
Chris shoots Bosko
Donald Breedan shot in the head by cops
McCauley shoots a cop
Chris shoots 2 cops in separate cars (the first cop made a fatal-sounding moan so I counted it; the 2nd never gets out of the car and couldn’t had survived that barrage of gunfire)
Michael shoots 2 officers
Chris shoots another cop (there’s a body next to it that’s still moving though so not to be confused with this one)
McCauley shoots another officer

Car Getaway/Hostage: 3
McCauley shoots a civilian and another cop
Lt. Hanna headshots Michael

Tragedy: 2

Anna’s dead body by Waingro seen
McCauley does a mercy killing of Trejo

Apartment: 1
Van Zant shot by McCauley

Hotel: 1
Waingro headshot by McCauley

Airport Finale: 1

Lt. Hanna massacres McCauley