Glory (1989) Bodycount Breakdown

Glory (1989) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Colonel Robert Gould Shaw (Matthew Broderick): 5
Major Cabot Forbes (Cary Elwes): 5
Trip (Denzel Washington): 4
John Rawlins (Morgan Freeman): 3
Jupiter Sharts (Jihmi Kennedy): 3
Thomas Searles (Andre Braugher): 2
Colonel James Montgomery (Cliff DeYoung): 1


Battle of Antietam: 103
-Confederate troops blow up 9 Union troops with artillery
-Confederates shoot 4 Union troops
-Confederates shoot 9 more Union troops
-Confederates blow up 17 more Union troops
-(At least) 61 dead Union troops shown in aftermath
-3 dead Union troops shown in tent

Looting: 1
-Montgomery shoots 1 of his own men

James Island: 62
-8 dead Confederate troops shown in woods
-9 dead bodies shown on battlefield
-Union troops shoot 6 Confederate troops
-Confederate troops shoot 9 Union troops
-Union troops shoot 8 more Confederates
-Trip impales 1 Confederate
-1 Union troop shot by a Confederate
-Forbes impales the same Confederate
-Forbes shoots 1 Confederate
-Confederates shoot 1 Union troop
-1 Confederate impaled by a Union troop
-Trip shoots 1 Confederate
-Jupiter shoots 1 Confederate
-Rawlins shoots 1 Confederate
-Trip impales 1 Confederate
-Jupiter shoots another Confederate
-1 Confederate imapled by a Union troop
-Shaw shoots 4 Confederates
-Shaw slices 1 Confederate
-Trip beats 1 Confederate to death with a stick
-Thomas impales 1 Confederate who was about to kill Trip
-Union troops shoot 3 fleeing Confederates

Battle at Fort Wagner: 155
-29 Union troops blown up by Confederate artillery
-5 dead Union troops shown in dune
-23 more Union troops blown up by Confederates
-Confederate troops shoot 16 Union troops
-Confederates shoot the Union flagman
-Shaw is shot by Confederates
-Rawlins shoots 1 Confederate
-1 other Confederate is shot by an unidentified Union troop
-Trip is shot by Confederates
-Confederates shoot 1 Union troop
-Confederates blow up 1 Union troop
-1 Union troop impaled by a Confederate
-Forbes shoots 1 Confederate
-2 more Union troops impaled by Confederates
-Rawlins impales 1 Confederate
-Forbes shoots another Confederate
-Forbes impales 1 Confderate
-1 unidentified troop is impaled by his foe
-Thomas impales 1 Confederate
-Jupiter shoots 1 Confederate who shot Thomas
-Confederates shoot 4 Union troops
-Union troops shoot 2 Confederates
-1 Confederate is beaten to death by a Union troop’s rifle
-3 dead troops shown en route to bunker
-Forbes, Rawlins, Thomas, Jupiter, and 2 other Union troops are shot by Confederates
-48 additional Union troops shown dead in aftermath
-The drummer boy shown dead as well


-Shaw mentions that 42 Union troops were killed in the James Island battle, but only 11 are seen visibly
-During many scenes, it was hard to tell what was going on how many were killed, specifically during the
points where both sides engage in fighting with bayonets, I only counted those explicitly shown stabbed.