Fast Five (2011) Bodycount Breakdown

Fast Five (2011) [Extended Cut] Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by gregglop09)


Dominic “Dom” Toretto (Vin Diesel): 30
Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker): 16
Luke Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson): 8
Wilkes (Fernando Chien): 7
Macroy (Geoff Meed): 6
Fusco (Alimi Ballard): 5
Chato (Yorgo Constantine): 5
Zizi (Michael Irby): 3
Roman (Tyrese Gibson): 2
Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida): 1
Vince (Matt Schulze): 1


Train: 6
-Dom throws 1 mercenary out of the train
-Brian throws 1 mercenary off the truck
-Brian crashes the truck into the train, killing the driver
-Zizi shoots 3 DEA agents

Holding Escape: 1
-Brian breaks 1 mercenary’s neck with his legs

Favela: 15
-Dom shoots 7 mercenaries
-Hobbs shoots 1 mercenary
-Hobbs stabs 1 mercenary in the throat
-Hobbs breaks 1 mercenary’s neck
-Wilkes, Fusco, Chato, and Macroy shoot 5 mercenaries

Office: 1
-Reyes beats the cash boss to death with a paperweight

Road Ambush: 19
-Macroy shoots 1 mercenary
-Hobbs shoots 4 mercenaries
-Wilkes shoots 2 mercenaries
-The 3rd SUV is blown up by a mercenary’s RPG, killing Wilkes and Macroy in the explosion
-Chato is shot by mercenaries
-Fusco is blown up by the mercenaries’ grenades
-Brian shoots 1 mercenary
-Dom and Brian shoot 3 mercenaries
-Vince shoots 1 mercenary on the roof
-Brian shoots 3 more mercenaries

Garage: 1
-Vince shown dead from a gunshot wound inflicted by a mercenary

Rio Chase: 7
-Dom and Brian cause the vault to crash into 3 police cars, killing their drivers
-Brian brakes his car, causing 1 motorcycle cop to crash into him and wipe out
-Dom and Brian cause a police SUV to drive into a pole and crash, killing its driver
-Roman causes 2 police SUVs to crash, killing their drivers

Freeway: 17
-Dom causes the vault to crash into 4 police cars, killing 5 cops
-Dom causes the vault to crash into the first truck, killing 2 mercenaries inside
-Dom causes the vault to crash into 2 more police cars, killing 3 cops
-Dom causes the vault line to rip off 1 police SUV’s hood, killing its driver
-Dom causes the vault to crash into the last police car, killing 2 cops inside
-Dom causes the vault to crash into the second truck, killing the driver and gunner
-Brian shoots Zizi
-Hobbs shoots Reyes


-It’s mentioned in a news broadcast that no one onboard the prison bus was killed when Brian caused it to crash.
-Brian beats down 3 mercenaries in the favela but doesn’t hit them lethally enough to kill them.
-During the Rio chase, several other police cars are run off the road, but their not crushed so the cops
inside almost certainly survived.