Doomsday [The Unrated Cut] (2008): Body Count Breakdown

Doomsday [The Unrated Cut] (2008): Body Count by Rorschach94


Major Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra): 49
Sgt. Norton (Adrian Lester): 28
Steve Miller (Chris Robson): 8
Chandler (Rick Warden): 2
Richter (Jeremy Crutchley): 2
Bill Nelson (Bob Hoskins): 1
Cpl. Read (Nora-Jane Noone): 1


Opening: 37
-9 infected corpses seen
-1 woman dies from the reaper virus
-20 people gunned down by soldiers
-6 infected people blown up
-1 infected civilian shot by sniper

Docks: 9
-Sinclair shoots 3 thugs
-Sinclair’s partner shoots 2 thugs
-Richter shoots 1 thug
-Richter’s henchman shoots 1 thug
-Richter shoots Sinclair’s partner
-Sinclair shoots Richter

Hospital Ambush: 70
-Cannibals kill Carpenter
-Sinclair shoots 35 thugs
-Norton shoots 21 thugs
-Miller shoots 8 thugs
-A girl kills Chandler
-Chandler blows up the girl with a grenade
-Read runs over 1 thug
-Read is shot by an archer
-Cannibals beat Miller to death

Cannibal Party: 1
-Talbot is burnt alive and eaten by cannibals

Escape: 4
-Sinclair kills 2 guards
-Sinclair beheads Viper
-1 thug crashes his motorcycle and breaks his own neck

Capture: 5
-Joshua is shot by one of Kane’s archers
-4 dead bodies are seen

London Infected: 7
-2 people die from the Reaper Virus
-1 dead body is seen
-An infected guy kills 2 security guards
-Nelson shoots the infected man
-Prime Minister John Hatcher shoots himself

Gladiator Fight: 10
-Norton kills 6 guards
-The Gladiator accidentally kills 1 guard
-Sinclair kills the Gladiator
-Norton shoots 1 archer
-Sinclair kills 1 guard

Bunker: 1
-Norton is shot by one of Kane’s soldiers

Chase: 9
-Sinclair causes 1 car to crash, killing the two guys inside of it
-A thug accidentally shoots another henchman with an arrow
-Two thugs are run over by other henchmen
-Sinclair causes Sol’s gun to fire, killing a thug
-The crash caused by that shot kills 1 driver
-Stirling causes a car to crash, killing 1 thug
-Sinclair crashes into a bus, killing Sol


Several soldiers are beaten by crazed civilians at the beginning, but it is unclear if any of them were killed. Also, many skeletons and skulls are seen throughout the movie, but I didn’t count any of them.