Direct Contact (2009): Body Count Breakdown

Direct Contact (2009): Body Count by Eggimann


Mike Riggins (Dolph Lundgren): 27, 1 shared
General Drago (Bashar Rahal): 5, 1 shared
Clive Connelly (Michael Paré): 1
Ana Gale (Gina May): 1


Prison: 1
Mike stabs a guy in the eye

Military Base: 10
Drago shoots 2 innocent people
Soldier shoots an innocent guy
Mike shoots 6 soldiers
Mike blows up 1 soldier

Outside Cafe: 1
Sniper shoots the waiter

Chase Nbr. 1: 1

A car is blown up, killing the driver

Train: 1
A soldier shoots a woman

Tunnels: 4
Connelly shoots a guy
Soldiers shoots 3 people

Resturant: 2
Mike shoots 2 soldiers

Arena: 15
Drago shoots Vlado
Vlados men shoots 4 soldiers
Soldiers shoots 4 of Vlados men
Mike shoots 6 soldiers

Chase Nbr. 2: 2
A car drives into a truck, blowing them up and killing the 2 drivers

Search: 1
Drago shoots some random guy

Final Showdown: 12
Mike shoots 3 soldiers
Mike blows up a soldier with explosive barrels
Mike blows up a soldier with a grenade
Mike blows up 2 soldiers with a booby trapped grenade
Mike stabs a guy
Drago and a soldier shoots the guy Mike holds hostage, shared kill
Mike shoots Drago
Mike blows up Connelly
Ana shoots Trent


Dolph beats up a lot of guys throughout the movie, and throws one of a train, but none of them looked like a kill.
Ana smashes a bottle into a soldiers head, he could have died from it but I am not sure so I didn’t count it.
A chase ends up with Dolph crashing his car and the soldiers crashing their truck in a gas station, it is unknown if the soldiers survive or die, so I am not counting them.