Die Hard (1988): Body Count Breakdown

Die Hard (1988) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by Rutledal)


John McClane (Bruce Willis): 10
Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman): 7
Karl (Alexander Godunov): 2
Alexander (Joey Plewa): 2
Sgt. Al Powell (Reginald VelJohnson): 1


“Boom! 2 Points!”: 2
-Karl shoots the receptionist
-Karl shoots the security guard

Board Room: 1
-Hans blows Takagi’s brains out

“Now I have a machine gun, ho, ho, ho!”: 1

-John breaks Tony’s neck

“Thanks for the advice”: 2
-John shoots Heinrich
-John shoots Marco

“Take this under advisement, jerkweed!”: 4
-Alexander blows up armoured police car with a RPG, killing the 2 cops inside
-John throws C-4 down elevator shaft and it blows up the storage area, killing James and Alexander in the explosion

“Hans…Bubby!”: 1
-Hans shoots Ellis

33rd Floor: 2
-John shoots Fritz
-John shoots Franco in the legs and causes him to dive head-first through a glass wall, killing him

Roof: 6
-John shoots Uli
–Hans blows up the roof, bringing down the FBI helicopter and killing Agent Johnson, Agent Johnson, the 2 pilots, and the gunner in the subsequent explosion

“Happy trails, Hans!”: 2
-John shoots Eddie
-John drops Hans from the 30th floor

Draw: 1
-Powell shoots Karl


Eddie shoots at some cops trying to enter the building. Hans tells him to wound them, but you can’t tell if they live or die.