Dick Tracy (1990): Body Count Breakdown

Dick Tracy (1990): Body Count by Kooshmeister


Dick Tracy (Warren Beatty): 12
Flattop Jones (William Forsythe): 5
Itchy Oliver (Ed O’Ross): 4
The Blank / Breathless Mahoney (Madonna): 2
Al “Big Boy” Caprice (Al Pacino): 1


A Message for Tracy: 5
-Flattop machine-guns Little Face, Rodent, Shoulders, Brow and Stooge

No Pals in This Business: 2
-Lips Manlis is given “the bath” (that being he is locked in a crate full of wet cement, then dropped into the harbor)
-Itchy shoots Lefty Moriarty

Very Upsetting: 3

-Spaldoni and 2 of his bodyguards are killed in a car-bomb planted by Itchy

Big Payoff: 1

-The Blank shoots Pruneface

Frameup: 1
-The Blank shoots D.A. Fletcher

Back in Business: 1
-1 police officer shown killed during the montage

Shooting Their Way Out: 12
-Tracy shoots Influence and 2 gangsters in the red car
-Tracy shoots 4 gangsters in the green car. causing it to overturn and explode
-Tracy shoots 3 gangsters in the black car
-Tracy shoots Itchy
-Tracy shoots Flattop

Final Showdown: 2

-Big Boy shoots the Blank (revealed as Breathless Mahoney)
-Tracy knocks Big Boy down a shaft to his death