Desperado (1995): Body Count Breakdown

Desperado (1995) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Gregg)


El Mariachi (Antonio Banderas): 47
Navajas (Danny Trejo): 4
Carolina (Salma Hayek): 3
Campa (Carlos Gallardo): 3
Quino (Albert Michel, Jr.): 3
Bucho (Joaquim de Almeida): 1
Tavo (Tito Larriva): 1
Moco (Peter Marquardt): 1
Short Bartender (Cheech Marin): 1


Opening/Bar: 13
-Mariachi shoots 12 thugs and the bartender

Flashback: 1
-Domino shown dead, shot by Moco

Ring Fight: 1
-The new recruit kicks Cristos hard across the face and breaks his neck

“Guess what?”: 1
-The Bartender shoots Pick-Up Guy’s partner

Bar Fight: 22
-Mariachi shoots 1 thug
-1 thug is gunned down by his buddies
-Mariachi shoots 10 more thugs
-Tavo shoots Pick-Up Guy
-Mariachi shoots 6 additional thugs
-Mariachi shoots a fan and it falls on 1 thug and kills him
-The Bartender is accidentally shot by the arms dealer
-Mariachi breaks the arms dealer’s neck

Road: 1
-Mariachi shoots Tavo

Street Fight: 5
-Navajas kills Buscemi with throwing knives
-Navajas kills 3 thugs with throwing knives
-Navajas is shot by the new recruit

Apartment/Roofs: 8
-Mariachi shoots 4 thugs
-Carolina shoots 1 thug
-Mariachi shoots 1 thug while diving backwards
-Mariachi blows up 2 thugs with grenades

Ranch: 1
-Bucho shoots Shrug

Desert Showdown: 16
-Mariachi shoots the new recruit and he falls off roof
-Quino blows up underneath the limo with his guitar rocket launcher case, killing 1 thug inside from concussion
-Quino blows up 2 thugs
-Quino is shot by a thug
-Campa guns down 3 thugs with guitar machine gun case
-Mariachi shoots 4 thugs
-Campa is gunned down by a thug
-Carolina runs down 2 thugs
-Mariachi runs over Right Hand

Revenge: 1
-Mariachi shoots Bucho