Death Wish 3 (1985) Body Count Breakdown

Death Wish 3 (1985) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson): 52
Manny Fraker (Gavin O’Herlihy): 8
Lt. Richard Shriker (Ed Lauter): 8
Tulio (Tony Britts): 4
The Giggler (Kirk Taylor): 2
Hermosa (Alex Winter): 1
Rodriguez (Joseph Gonzalez): 1


Opening a.k.a. The Return: 1
Hermosa, Tulio, and the Giggler beat Charley to death

Welcome Back: 1
Fraker cuts his thug’s throat

“It’s my car!”: 2
Paul shoots 2 would-be car thieves

Payback: 1
Fraker, Tulio, the Giggler, and another thug rape and kill Maria offscreen

“They killed the Giggler!”: 1
Paul shoots the Giggler

Street Fight: 1
Paul throws 1 thug off a roof

Retribution: 2
Fraker and Tulio push Kathryn’s car into into incoming traffic, blowing up her and another driver

War!: 70
Paul guns down 46 thugs
1 thug killed by stepping on a board that drives a knife into his head and then falling off a railing, courtesy of Paul
1 man is burned by Fraker’s thugs
1 cop is shot by the thugs
Cops shoot 2 thugs
Fraker shoots 2 cops
Neighborhood residents shoot 4 thugs
Fraker shoots 2 people
Cops shoot 1 thug
Rodriguez shoots Tulio and he falls out window
Shriker shoots Hermosa and he allso falls out window
Shriker shoots 7 thugs
1 thug shot out of a window by a female resident

Bulletproof: 1
Paul blows Fraker out of his apartment with a rocket launcher


-Fraker’s thugs beat up a guy, but it’s not sure if they killed him.
-Fraker’s thugs blow up and burn some buildings, but it’s unknown if anyone was inside.
-A guy jumps off a roof onto the ground, but it’s not specificed if he lived or died.
-A couple of thugs are beaten up and thrown off stairs/out of a window, but it is hard to tell if they were killed or not.