Daredevil [Director’s Cut](2003): Body Count Breakdown

Daredevil [Director’s Cut](2003): Body Count by gregglop09


Bullseye (Colin Farrell): 8
Wilson Fisk/Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan): 3
Matt Murdock/Daredevil (Ben Affleck): 2


Death of a Fighter: 1
Kingpin finishes off Jack Murdock with a single punch

Bar: 2
Quesada’s Thugs shoot 2 of their own

Train Station: 1
Daredevil knocks Quesada onto the train tracks, where he run over and killed

Meet Bullseye: 1
Bullseye throws 3 paper clip pins into Irish Dealer’s throat, killing him

Plane: 1
Bullseye flicks a peanut into Old Lady’s throat, choking her to death

“I’m Not The Bad Guy”: 1
Daredevil beats Abusive Father to death

Getting a Bike: 1

Bullseye throws a pen into a biker’s head, killing him

Bullseye’s Target: 3

Bullseye tosses throwing stars into 2 guy’s throats killing them
Bullseye throws Daredevil’s nightstick into Elektra’s father’s chest, killing him

Rage: 2
Kingpin kills 2 of his own guards by breaking their necks

Office: 1

Bullseye kills 1 of Kingpin’s bodyguards with 3 pencils (his body is shown)

Rooftop Fight: 1

Bullseye stabs Elektra in the stomach with her own sai (she dies when Daredevil holds her)


-Daredevil beats a lot of guys up in the bar but didn’t kill anyone