Conan The Barbarian (1982): Body Count Breakdown

Conan The Barbarian (1982): Body Count by Kooshmeister


Conan (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 27
Subotai (Gerry Lopez): 13
Valeria (Sandahl Bergman): 8
Thorgrim (Sven-Ole Thorsen): 3
Thulsa Doom (James Earl Jones): 2
Rexor (Ben Davidson): 2
Wizard (Mako): 1
Conan’s Father (William Smith): 1


Raid: 20
-Rexor kills 2 villagers
-Thorgrim kills 3 villagers
-The villagers kill 4 of Doom’s guards
-Doom’s guards kill 8 villagers
-Conan’s father kills 1 of Doom’s guards
-Conan’s father is struck with an axe and then mauled by dogs
-Doom beheads Conan’s mother

Pit Fighter: 8
-Conan kills 8 opponents in combat

Tower of the Serpent: 1
-Valeria stabs 1 guard

The Riddle of Steel: 1
-Doom goads a cult member into jumping to her death

Rescuing the Princess: 17

-Subotai kills 1 cult member
-Subotai kills 3 guards
-Valeria kills 7 guards
-Conan kills 5 cult members
-Doom kills Valeria with a snake turned into a poisoned arrow

Battle of the Mounds: 21

-Conan kills 9 guards
-Conan impales Thorgrim on a spiked booby trap
-Conan kills Rexor
-Subotai kills 9 guards
-The wizard kills 1 guard

Revenge at Last: 2

-Conan kills 1 guard
-Conan kills Doom by chopping his head off


Conan also kills Doom’s pet giant python and a vulture.