Cobra (1986): Body Count Breakdown

Cobra (1986): Body Count by BodyCountMan


Lieutenant Marion Cobra Cobetti-(Sylvester Stallone) 39
Night Slasher-(Brian Thompson) 7
Sergeant Gonzales-(Reni Santoni) 2
Nancy Stalk-(Lee Garlington) 1


Your The Disease I’m The Cure: 2
-scumbag shoots a guy
Cobra-shoots the scumbag

News Report: 1
-body of a woman in a bodybag killed by the Night Slasher

Night Slasher Strikes: 1
Night Slasher-kills a woman with a knife off screen

Morgue: 1
-Body of a dead man seen

Night Slasher Strikes Again: 1
Night Slasher-stabs a woman off screen

Parking Lot: 3
-Night Slasher’s men kill Dan and another man with an axe
– one of the Night Slasher’s men ramps a van into a Security Guard

Hospital Attack: 3
Night Slasher-kills a man, an old woman and a nurse

Taking Out The Trash: 1
Cobra-shoots 2 thugs

The Chase: 2
Cobra-shoots a truck and it blows up 2 guys

Motel Attack: 14
Cobra-shoots 11 men and blows 1 up
Gonzales-shoots 2 men

Road Battle: 16
Cobra-shoots 14 men
Cobra-throws a man under the truck
Cobra-blows a man up

Factory Showdown: 8
Nancy-shoots a Security Guard
Cobra-blows up 2 men
Cobra-stabs a man
Cobra-burns up 2 men
Night Slasher-shoots Nancy
Cobra-sticks Night Slasher on a big hook and incinerates him