Chik loh go yeung [Naked Killer] (1992) Bodycount Breakdown

Chik loh go yeung [Naked Killer] (1992) Body Count by luvmetender009


Tinam (Simon Yam) – 23 kills
Kitty (Chingmy Yau) – 11 kills
Princess (Carrie Ng) – 2 kills
Sister Cindy (Kelly Yao) – 21 kills
Bee (Ken Lo) – 1 kill


“What are you doing in my shower?” – 1
-Princess shoots the burly target in his apartment

Flashback – 1
-Tinam accidentally shoots his brother

Affair Exposed – 1
-Bee stabs Kitty’s father and knock him down a flight of stairs where he dies on the impact

Office/Payback – 11
-Kitty shoots Bee’s receptionist
-Kitty shoots 2 thugs
-Kitty stabs 1 henchman in the neck
-Kitty then shoots Bee with the gun she stole from the henchman
-6 additional dead bodies seen outside of Bee’s cubicle, killed offscreen by Cindy

Carpark/Escape – 13
-Kitty shoots 1 pursuing thug
-Cindy kills 3 thugs with her flail
-Kitty shoots 1 thug on top of a car
-Cindy stab 1 more thug in a pursuing car wi9th her flail, and drags him out
-Cindy stabs the thug driving the other pursuing vehicle with her high heel
-The thug in that other vehicle’s passenger seat is seen dead, killed by Cindy
-Cindy shoots 5 thugs

Training to be a Killer – 1
-Kitty smash the pedophile’s neck

Apartment Crime Scene – 1
-1 dead victim seen being carried away by the police (killed offscreen by Kitty)

Rape Time – 2
-Cindy break 1 pedophile’s neck
-Cindy strangles the other pedophille with her legs

Pool – 1
-Kitty stabs Taki

Police Precinte Murders – 1
-Police Comissioner is seen dead (the killer is later revealed to be Cindy)

Cindy’s Demise – 3
-Cindy slash 1 minion’s throat
-Another minion seen dead outside, killed by Cindy
-Princesss poisons Cindy with her lipstick

“Do you feel like puking when holding a gun?” – 9
-Tinam shoots Baby
-Tinam shoots 2 minions in the patio
-Tinam wastes 6 more minions in the hall

“I won’t leave you again” – 14
-Tinam shoots 7 minions
-Kitty poisons Princess with her own poison
-Tinam shoots 4 remaining minions
-Tinam shoots a gas tank, blowing up Cindy’s mansion killing Kitty and himself