Casino Royale (2006): Body Count Breakdown

Casino Royale (2006) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by Rorschach94)


James Bond (Daniel Craig): 11
Mollaka (Sebastien Foucan): 4
Mr. White (Jesper Christensen): 3
Carlos (Claudio Santamaria): 1


00 Status: 2
-Bond shoots Dryden
-Bond shoots Fisher in the bathroom

Madagascar: 4
-Mollaka throws 1 worker off a construction site ledge and he lands on a generation, causing it to explode
-The generator explosion causes another worker to fall to his death
-Mollaka shoots 2 security guards

Embassy: 2
-Embassy guards accidentally shoot 1 of their own
-Bond shoots Mollaka

Museum: 1
-Bond stabs and kills Alex Dimitrios

Airport: 2
-Carlos breaks an airport worker’s neck
-Carlos is blown up when he activates his bomb which had been left on him by Bond

Beach: 1
-Solange Dimitrios shown to be dead, killed by Quantum agents

Hotel: 2
-Bond kicks Obanno’s bodyguard over a railing to his death
-Bond chokes Obanno to death

Boat: 3
-Mr. White shoots Kratt and Velenka offscreen (we hear them scream)
-Mr. White shoots Le Chiffre

Venice: 5
-Bond shoots 1 henchman
-Bond leaves 1 henchman in front of a falling elevator and he is crushed
-Bond electrocutes 1 henchman
-Bond shoots Gettler in the eye with a nailgun
-Vesper is drowned in the sinking building


-It looks as if the 2 guards on the roof are killed by the explosion caused by Bond at the embassy, but at least 1 is shown getting back up, and it is stated by M that he only killed Mollaka, and the papers never reference him killing any guards in the headlines.
-2 cops in the airport are possibly killed when a plane takes off and their car is thrown backwards, but the roof is not crushed and they very easily could have survived.