Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) Bodycount Breakdown

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Steven G. Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans): 24
Johann Schmidt/Red Skull (Hugo Weaving): 13
Gabe Jones (Derek Luke): 7
James Montgomery Falsworth (J.J. Field): 6
Hanz Krieger (Richard Artimage): 5
Dum Dum Dugan (Neal McDonough): 5
Jacques Dernier (Bruno Ricci): 5
Sergeant James “Bucky” Barnes (Sebastian Stan): 3
Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell): 2
Jim Mortia (Ken Choi): 2
Col. Samuel Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones): 1


Norway: 2
-The Norwegian messenger run over by a tank driven by Schmidt’s men
-Schmidt shoots the Norwegian scientist

Getting The Antidote: 2
-Hanz shoots Erskine
-Hanz shoots 1 MP

Chase: 6
-Hanz shoots the old lady carrying the tommy gun
-Hoods shoot 1 assassin
-Hanz guns down the 2 hoods with the tommy gun
-Peggy shoots Hanz’s driver
-Hanz kills himself with a cyanide pill

Power: 3
-Schmidt kills the 3 Nazi Generals with the tesseract gun

Escaping The Base: 43
-Hydra Soldiers shoot 6 prisoners
-2 Hydra Soldiers are seen dead, killer unknown
-5 prisoners seen dead in the background of Jacques
-Jim breaks a Hydra Soldier’s neck
-Prisoners shoot 4 Hydra Soldiers
-Hydra Soldiers shoot 3 prisoners
-Steve kicks a Hydra Soldier off a railing to his death
-Jacques shoots 1 Hydra Soldier
-Jim shoots 1 Hydra Soldier
-3 Hydra Soldiers are seen dead next to the motorcycles
-Prisoners blow up 8 Hydra Soldiers with grenades
-1 Hydra Soldier is seen dead
-Montgomery blows up 4 Hydra Soldiers with a giant cannon
-Schmidt self-destructs the base, killing 3 unconscious Hydra Soldiers in the blast

Mission Montage: 10
-Steve throws his shield at a Hydra Soldier, causing him to fall off a tall tree to his death
-Jacques places an explosive under a Hydra tank and it blows up, killing the driver and gunner
-Bucky snipes 1 Hydra Soldier
-4 dead Hydra Soldiers are seen, presumably killed by Steve off-screen
-Steve throws a tank gunner out of it to his death
-Steve blows up the tank, killing the driver

Evidently Not: 2
-1 Hydra Soldier is seen dead by some rubble
-Red Skull shoots his advisor off-screen

Train: 4
-Bucky shoots 1 Hydra Soldier with a tommy gun
-Steve shoots 1 Hydra Soldier
-Bucky shoots another Hydra Soldier
-Bucky falls off the train to his death

Going In: 12
-Steve’s wire causes 2 Hydra Bikers to crash and wipe out, killing them
-Steve sets 1 Hydra Biker on fire, causing another to wipe out, killing both of them
-Steve yanks out a gas tank to one of the bikes, causing both to explode, killing their riders
-Steve blows up a Hydra tank with rockets, killing the driver and gunner
-Steve shoots 3 Hydra Soldiers with the motorcycle turrets

Rescue/Assault: 91
-Red Skull shoots 1 of his own men
-Gabe shoots 7 Hydra Soldiers
-Dugan shoots 2 Hydra Soldiers
-A soldier shoots 4 Hydra Soldiers in the hallway
-Hydra Soldiers shoot 4 soldiers
-Dugan shoots 3 Hydra Soldiers
-Jacques and Montgomery shoot 4 Hydra Soldiers (2 each)
-Hydra Soldiers shoot 4 soldiers
-Soldiers shoot 1 Hydra Soldier
-Hydra Soldiers shoot 4 more soldiers
-Soldiers shoot 4 Hydra Soldiers
-Soldiers blow up 14 Hydra Soldiers
-Soldiers blow up the 3 Hydra Soldiers next to Red Skull
-Red Skull shoots 5 soldiers
-Soldiers gun down 3 Hydra Soldiers
-Phillips shoots 1 Hydra Soldier
-Peggy shoots out a gas tank to a Flamethrower Soldier, blowing him up
-Soldiers shoot 3 Hydra Soldiers trying to escape
-8 dead Hydra Soldiers are seen
-12 soldiers are seen being killed in the background

Ship: 4
-Steve throws a knife into a Hydra Soldier’s back
-Steve causes 1 Hydra Soldier to fall out to his death
-Steve tosses 1 Hydra Soldier to his death
-1 Hydra Soldier is diced up by a propeller


-Steve hits around a dozen Hydra Soldiers with his shield but it is unknown whether they were killed or just knocked out
-Hanz shoots 1 MP but didn’t kill him
-Red Skull may have been teleported to Asgard but not killed