Beverly Hills Cop III (1994): Body Count Breakdown

Beverly Hills Cop III (1994): Body Count by Kooshmeister


Detective Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy): 7
Fletch (Michael Bowen): 4
Detective Sgt. Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold): 2
Ellis DeWald (Timothy Carhart): 2
Taddeo (David Parry): 2
Inspector Douglas Todd (Gilbert R. Hill): 1
Sgt. Jon Flint (Hector Elizondo): 1
Agent Steve Fullbright (Stephen McHattie): 1
Holloway (Lindsey Ginter): 1


Chopshop Massacre: 7
-Holloway shoots Snake
-Taddeo shoots Bobby
-Taddeo shoots 1 mechanic
-Fletch shoots 4 mechanics

DeWald’s Escape: 3
-Todd shoots Fletch
-DeWald shoots Todd
-DeWald kicks Taddeo out of the truck and Foley accidentally runs him over (I give this kill to DeWald as Taddeo was only injured and him being shoved out and into Foley’s path was DeWald’s doing)

Wonder World Front Gates: 2

-Foley shoots 1 goon with Annihilator 2000
-Foley blows up 1 goon with bomb launched from the Annihilator 2000

Alien Attack: 3

-Foley shoots Kimbrough
-Cooper crushed by collapsing ceiling
-Rondy shot by Foley

Fullbright’s Betrayal: 1
-Fullbright shoots Sanderson

Wild Bill Rosewood: 3

-Rosewood shoots 2 goons
-Flint shoots 1 goon

Land of the Dinosaurs: 3

-Foley shoots Holloway
-Foley fights with and ultimately shoots DeWald
-Foley shoots Fullbright


3 Wonder World goons are hit by a huge wall of water on the Alien Attack ride and knocked down some stairs but I’m uncertain if this kills or merely incapacitates them.