Batman: Under The Red Hood (2010): Body Count Breakdown

Batman: Under The Red Hood (2010): Body Count by Rorschach94


Joker (Voiced by John Di Maggio): 9
Red Hood/ Jason Todd (Voiced by Jensen Ackles): 6


Opening: 1
-Joker blows up Jason Todd (He is later resurrected)

Docks: 3
-Red Hood snipes 3 of the Black Mask’s thugs

Black Mask Strikes Back: 3

-One of Black Mask’s thugs shoots a bartender in the face
-Red Hood shoots a thug’s Molotov Cocktail, causing it to explode and light him on fire, burning him to death
-Red Hood electrocutes an assassin in a mechanical suit, causing his head to explode

Arkham Asylum: 1
-One of Black Mask’s thugs shoots a prison guard

Meeting: 5

-Joker slices one of Black Mask’s thug’s throat with a broken glass cup
-Joker shoots 4 more of Black Mask’s henchmen

Flashback: 4
-Joker kills 3 bank employees with toxic gas
-Jason gouges out the eyes of one of Ra’s Al Gul’s followers


-Black Mask’s secretary mentions that Red Hood destroyed a truckload of guns and killed the drivers
-Black Mask’s two prison guard accomplices are mentioned as having been killed at the end of the movie