Action Movie News Round Up 05/27/2012

Action Movie News Round Up: May 27th, 2012

Sorry about the belatedness and the brevity of this week’s recap. My work shifts have been rearranged, so the recaps where always going to be late, but a health scare forced me to abandon it. – Dude.

Here’s our first look at Sly and Vincent from Collateral in The Tomb, the first in a plethora of Tomby goodness we’ve got for you this week.


Entertainment Weekly have also released a snippet of their interview with Arnold on the Tomb set. Naturally they care more about invading his private life post divorce than they do about the goddamn film as is par the course.
The EX2 blog crew also dug up some on set pictures taken during that interview, with nary a green screen in sight.

UPDATE: Check the EX2 blog above for further EW stuff on The Tomb, including a glimpse of Sly and Arnold having their Heat coffee table moment.

The Skyfall teaser trailer is out. It is as glorious as expected. I personally didn’t dig the Inception horn being used again, but the sexual massaging of your eyeballs courtesy of Sam Mendes and Roger Deakins will more than make up for it. At less than a minute and a half, it’s chock full of iconic imagery.

Hollywood Reporter (hollywood) reports that a prequel to 2010’s Tekken is in the works. What is notable though is that it will be made by the Ong Bak team, meaning the martial arts on display will be insane. Here’s hoping they bring back Gary Daniels.


Most people would scoff at the prospect of a remake of The Magnificent Seven, I’m one of them. One way to make it awesome though is to attach perennially righteous motherfucker Tom Cruise as the lead. As opposed to updating it for the times as Magnificent Seven did for Seven Samurai, this remake will remain a straight up western. Thanks to Variety. Oddly enough a Seven Samurai remake was announced some time ago under the watch of The Tournament director Scott Mann, which would update the story to modern day Thailand. Which is actually based on my trip to Thailand.

To the shock of everyone G.I. Joe Retaliation has been pushed back to March 2013. Apparently it’s so because Paramount want a 3D conversion, in spite of the fact that no one likes 3D at all. It’s more likely the film was delayed for extensive reshoots and to avoid competition with Spider-Man, even though it looks a shit load better than that film.

Anthony Hopkins is being sought to join RED 2 as a mad scientist. Reports are saying he’s a villain, but in the description at AICN doesn’t necessarily support it. “a genius, long thought dead, who creates a weapon of mass destruction called Nightshade. Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich would be on the hunt for Nightshade and would need to break Hopkins out of the asylum to learn its whereabouts.”

Finally, Zoe Saldana has joined Machete Kills, officially making it the female Expendables. Danny Trejo says he will get to make out with all the females in the cast. Officially making him the luckiest bastard alive. Maybe Rodriguez can feed Saldana some puerco pibil, because she looks like a goddamn skeleton. AICN also claim that Kyle Ward’s script is an improvement over the original’s. That’s no surprise given the positive buzz his scripts for Kane & Lynch and Hitman 2 received. Bruno going as far as to say Kane & Lynch is one of the greatest action scripts he’s ever read.