3:10 To Yuma (2007): Body Count Breakdown

3:10 To Yuma (2007) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Ben Wade (Russell Crowe): 14
Charlie Prince (Ben Foster): 14
Dan Evans (Christian Bale): 6
Tighe (Jason Rodriguez): 2
Bryon McElroy (Peter Fonda): 2


Stagecoach Chase: 7
-Tighe shoots 1 of Bryon’s friends with a rifle
-Charlie shoots 2 of Bryon’s friends
-Bryon shotguns 1 Outlaw
-Byron’s men shoot 2 Outlaws
-Bryon shoots a stick of dynamite, blowing 1 Outlaw off his horse and killing him

Stand Off: 3
-Charlie shoots a man in the back
-Wade shoots Tommy
-Wade headshots the guy holding Tommy hostage

“This Town’s Gonna Burn”: 2
-Charlie shoots 2 civilians

Campfire: 1
-Wade kills Tucker with a metal fork

Decoy Coach: 2
-Tighe shoots the stagecoach driver with his rifle
-Outlaws burn the coach, killing the man inside

Apache Country: 2
-2 dead Apaches seen

Wade Escapes: 1
-Wade throwe Bryon off a cliff to his death

Attack: 3
-Wade shoots 2 Apaches
-Wade slashes a Apache’s throat

Chase: 1
-Wade throws up a stick of dynamite with his shotgun and Dan shoots it, causing the cave to collapse on an Outlaw

Stable: 1
-Doc Potter dies of his gunshot wound

“I Hate Posses”: 3
-Charlie shoots 3 Outlaws

Execution: 3
-3 deputies are shot by the Outlaws, at least 1 of them belonging to Charlie

Finale: 10
-Dan shotguns 1 Outlaw
-Dan shoots 2 Outlaws with his pistol
-Dan headshots an Outlaw with his pistol
-Dan shoots 1 more Outlaw
-Outlaws accidentally shoot 1 of their own
-Charlie quick-draw shoots 4 Outlaws

Train Station: 1
-Charlie shoots Dan

The Legend Is Back: 5
-Wade guns down Tighe
-Wade shoots the last 4 Outlaws

Revenge: 1
-Wade finishes Charlie with a shot to the chest